I am Dina


I Am Dina (France / Germany / Denmark / Sweden / Norway) (2002)

Also Known As:
Jag ar Dina
Ich bin Dina
Меня зовут Дина
Dina - Meine Geschichte
Jeg er Dina
Я - Дина
Dina vagyok
Dina - Lanetli Kadin
I Am Dina - Afti einai i istoria mou
I am Dina - Questa e la mia storia
Jag ar Dina
Je suis Dina
Director: Ole Bornedal
Starring: Amanda Jean Kvakland
Synopsis: As a child, Dina is traumatized after accidentally causing the death of her mother, who was burned to death by a vat of boiling lye.
Her father is resentful, giving her little love, and Dina grows into a fierce, strange woman who is haunted by her mothers ghost.
The only person who shows her any compassion is her music teacher, who gives her outlet to express her feelings through playing the cello.
As she reaches adulthood, her father marries her off to a business partner, Jacob,
and eventually the older man cannot control her passion for sex and impetuous nature to do as she pleases.
Following his death, she has an affair with a stable boy and life long friend, wrestles for control of Jacob's business with his children,
and falls for Leo, a dedicated Russian anarchist. But, she is a woman haunted by the ghosts of those she has loved,
and it seems everyone she loves dies and is destined to haunt her.


По мотивам бестселлера норвежской писательницы Хербьорг Вассмо "Дневник Дины".
Эпическая история о девушке, пережившей в детстве тяжелую психологическую травму и отдающейся необузданным страстям.
Действие фильма происходит в XIX веке.
По вине маленькой Дины происходит трагический несчастный случай, за что отец никогда не сможет простить ее.
Она растет в одиночестве, лишенная родительской любви, разрываясь между болезненным воображением и неукротимой жаждой к жизни.