Ikke Naken


Другие названия:
The Colour of Milk (English title)
The Color of Milk (English title)
Режиссер: Torun Lian
Год: 2004
Страна: Норвегия
Время: 94 минут
Жанр: Romance

Ikke Naked in a romantic comedy in Selma, 12, the main character.
This is the problem with the film's first love. How difficult is it
be in love, and how difficult it is to try not to fall in love.
Selma collected by a glimpse of the tangled relationship with the other
family, and - at every level - the relationship between man and woman.
Спорные сцены

Ikke Naken
Boys in the girl's skirt is a dream.
Selma (11) have a look at the naked man, and the bathroom.
Selma is a scene in the bathroom. We see only the bare shoulder.
His friends are trying to look at.
Group of children are not looking for a couple on the beach.