Mario und der Zauberer

Julian Sands, Anna Galiena, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Pavel Greco, Jan Wachtel, Valentina see more cast
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Run Time:
127 min.
Senator Film
Production Co.:
Provobis Gesellschaft fur Film und Fernsehen
Klaus Maria Brandauer
Life Under Occupation, Political Unrest

Noted Austrian actor Klaus-Maria Brandauer stepped into the director's chair for this drama about the
rise of fascism in Europe, based on a story by Thomas Mann. In the 1920s, Bernhard Fuhrmann (Julian
Sands), a German author and outspoken leftist, takes his family to Torre di Venere, a resort community in
Italy, where they are not welcomed warmly by all of the residents, especially after an incident in which
Fuhrmann's daughter is caught swimming nude by the seashore. While several of the guests at the hotel
where the Fuhrmanns are staying voice their opposition to the family's presence, the concierge defends
their right to stay there -- until she is killed and replaced by a member of the local fascist brigade.
As the village is enveloped in chaos, a magician named Cipola (Brandauer) appears, who has a profound
effect on the lives of those around him. Mario und der Zauberer was shown in competition at the 1994
Moscow Film Festival.

When some bullies throw sand at her, 10-year-old Sophie (Nina Schweser) unabashedly strips off her swimsuit and washes off naked in the sea. Then she casually comes out of the water, wondering why everyone is staring at her.
Afterwards, her brother walks in and whistles at her while she's in the tub. She tells him to get out and he says "Why so modest now, you let the whole world see you naked before" refering to her at the beach.