Awakening of Annie

Also Known As:
Annie: The Virgin of Saint Tropez
Annie, a Virgem de Saint-Tropez
Annie, i 17hroni parthena
Director: Zygmunt Sulistrowski
Synopsis: This is a pathetic waste of time, a travelogue posing as a sex film.
The main character Annie suffered an attack by a client in a former job and has developed a frigidity towards men.
Despite this she is happy to wander off with any man she bumps into but becomes hysterical when they make any moves on her.
Annie Friedman as the main character wears the skimpiest outfits to show off her modest assets but they don't help her acting ability which are zilch.

Most of the film is an advert for the sights of Saint Tropez and Rio including Macumba ceremonies,
Nudist Beaches, Carnival and farming(!!!). Even these don't hold the attention and the film wanders off into complete aimlessness, just like it's heroine.
Utterly, despairingly, dreadful!