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Другие названия:
Puppy Love
Jeux inderdits de l'adolescence
Playing with Love
Режиссер: Pier Giuseppe Murdgia
Год: 1977
Страна: Западная Германия
Время: 94 минут
Жанр: Drama / Romance

Rarely a film will come along that will confront head-on the subject of children and sex and violence. "Maladolescenza" is one such film.
The entire cast is just the three kids: Martin Loeb (17), Lara Wendel (12), and Eva Ionesco (11). Later many scenes are deleted by censorship, but it's quite obvious what's going on.
The subject of film is based on cruelty of the relations between teenagers.
Fabrizio (Martin Loeb) and Laura (Lara Wendel) are a young couple living on the edge of an idyllic forest. The first part of the film shows their developing relationship, complete with sexual desires. Fabrizio sneaks peaks at Laura's panties, under her skirt and at her breast through her too small blouse. Before long, the two finally consummate their love in an ancient ruin. Laura love Fabrizio and forgive him all roughness.
Soon after, a mysterious beauty Silvia (Eva Ionesco) appears on the scene. Fabrizio is smitten. Not only is Laura forgotten, but they begin playing cruel games and tormenting her. For instance, during a game of Hide and Seek, Laura finds them lying naked beneath a tree, and Laura forced to view their love scene. Some of the scenes showing Fabrizio and Silvia making love seems quite beautiful. - Written by Wolfgang (Moviegirls)
Спорные сцены
Full frontal nudity of Martin and the two little girls throughout this very controversial film.