Режиссер: Jean-Jacques Lagrange
Год: 1982
Страна: Франция
Время: 95 минут
Жанр: Drama

Merette lost beliefe in God after her mother's death. The pastor Magnoux decides to take care of the girl.
Merette is a pretty child, living within a patrician,
strictly Calvinist family in the Switzerland of the 19th century.
She is happy, until her mother dies, and Merette blames God,
and gives up her religion. Her family turns against her,
the villagers reject her, and her priest drives her into isolation.
Спорные сцены

When Merette (Anne Bos, 12) reaches for a waterlily, she trips and falls into the pond,
so she strips out of the wet dress and run naked into the pond. Then she spots a group
of kids (4 boys and another girl) walking by and waves for them to join her into the pond, which they do.
The scene finishes with all of them dancing around naked in the grass by the pond.