Режиссер: Nils Malmros
Год: 1981
Страна: Дания
Время: 110 минут
Жанр: Drama

The story takes place at the end of the 50s in Aarhus,
Denmark and follows a group of children from the 7th to the 9th grade.
What they experience are not the grand dramas of life,
but the events they do experience affect them more powerfully than at any other time in their lives.
The film centres around Elin, the prettiest and most mature girl in the class.
She plays on these advantages more or less unconsciously.
It makes the girls jealous and the boys unsure.
Therefore she becomes the scapegoat for their unresolved sexual awareness.
For Elin, this being frozen out of the once happy circle becomes a tragedy,
also on account of being totally misunderstood by her old-fashioned parents.
The other main character is Niels-Ole, the leading boy in the class,
who arouses indignation by rejecting girls in his own class in favour of the younger and prettier girl, Majbritt.
At the same time, this film is a light-hearted yet serious account
of the beautiful difficult years between childhood and youth,
based on the director Nils Malmros' own experiences as a schoolboy in Aarhus in the late 1950s.

Спорные сцены

In the shower scene Anne-Mette (Line Arlien Soborg, 14) is seen nude from the waist up.
Mona (Hanne Sorensen, 14) and Lene (Gitte Iben Andersen, 14) are seen nude from rear.
At the beginning of the scene Mona and Loppe (Malene Darre, 14)
are seen full frontal from far and Gas (Anne-Mette Brinch Andersen, 13)
has frontal and rear nudity as she's going from lockeroom to the shower.

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