Actors: Ioannis Tsialas, Toni Osmani, Barbara Rudnik,
Gunther Maria Halmer, Renate Becker
Directors: Christian Wagner (II)
DVD Release Date: 17 May 2004
Run Time: 88 minutes

Newly single schoolteacher Hanna Solinger (Barbara Rudnik)
has just relocated with her two children from Greece to the Munich suburb she grew
up in order to live with her mother and work within the city's school system.
With her work assignment in one of the most notorious ghetto schools in the inner city,
Hanna decides on her first day that the environment is too rough for her liking and
resigns her position. Meanwhile, two trouble-raising brothers, Christos (Ioannis Tsialas)
and Maikis (Toni Osmani), find themselves in serious trouble when the younger Maikis
is expelled and Christos is identified as the thief who robbed Hanna only the day before.
In a deal made with the principal, Maikis will be readmitted to school only if Christos
can convince the now ex-new teacher to remain on staff. Also aiding in the effort to
change Hanna's mind is social worker Xaver (Gunther Maria Halmer), who runs a special
program for at-risk youth that utilizes a combination of music, dance, and mentoring to
help get kids off the streets. Hanna reluctantly agrees to learn about Xaver's creative
teaching methods, paving the way for the boys' re-admittance to school.
Christos and Maikis begin to actually succeed in their studies, until one of Christos'
other previous victims positively identifies him, placing the youth in serious danger
of going to jail.