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Les diables

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Les diables
Les Diables

Les Diables

Les Diables

Contains full nudity of the two main characters (both around 12-13 y/o),
as well as some sensual fondling and kissing between them.

Жозеф и Хлоя кочуют по сиротским приютам и изоляторам для малолетних преступников,
нигде долго не задерживаясь. Они брошены родителями, но немая Хлоя в моменты нервного
возбуждения с точностью и скоростью автомата складывает мозаику дома, в котором они когда-то жили.
Жозеф изо всех сил старается защитить Хлою от внешнего мира, но психологи уверяют его,
что он манипулирует сестрой, внушая ей собственные подсознательные страхи и желания

Les diables 2002
Другие названия:
The Devils (English title)
Дьяволы (Russia)
Режиссер: Christophe Ruggia
Год: 2002
Страна: Франция
Время: 105 минут
Жанр: Drama

Cast  (Credited cast) Adele Haenel ... Chloe
Vincent Rottiers ... Joseph
Rochdy Labidi ... Karim
Jacques Bonnaffe ... Doran
Aurelia Petit ... La mere de Joseph
Galamelah Lagra ... Djamel (as Galamelah Lagraa)
Dominique Reymond ... La directrice
Frederic Pierrot ... L'homme de la maison
Danielle Ambry ... La femme de la maison

Christophe Ruggia
Olivier Lorelle (writer)
Christophe Ruggia (writer)

Brothers Joseph, 12, and Chloe, and just put another child.
For many years they were the same or a separate home or on the run together.
Chloe's autism. He said he felt a panic to the touch, and eat only when he said that.
Joseph loves her warmly and firmly believes that he needs it.
Child psychiatrist agrees that she is a very positive impact.
Joseph's dreams that Chloe will be back if they find their parents.
Psychiatrist says her mother. But autistic.
When a child is one year left them on the street in the immediate vicinity of the pulse.
This is the first high dream, Joseph. Children run away from this house.
When he caught the next time Chloe sent to a psychiatric hospital.
The same will happen after the suicide of Joseph, the police attempts to arrest.
That's because the leader, the friendship of many children, to let go of the road.
Great violence, it also released Chloe. Les diables 2002
In the end, Joseph robbed a man caused a fat wallet, big accident,
where the successful theft of the car,
stuck a knife in the police and shot a man, though not seriously.
And Chloe loses its fear of injury.





Вы здесь » FILMS » Download Films » Les diables

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