Другие названия:
Badehuset (Norway)
Режиссер: Marcelo V. Racana
Год: 1989
Страна: Швеция
Время: 39 минут
Жанр: Drama

Based on a novel set in the WWII era by P.C. Jersild,
the story tells of a boy in a small village who befriends
three girls around his age. One day he discovers a young
couple sneaking into an old and cracked bathing shack and
decides to alert his new friends. When the kids join up
at the shack, the eldest girl comes up with the idea to
lock the couple inside, threatening not to let them out
until they "do it" and allow the kids to watch from the
outside. And so begins the psychological warfare...
Спорные сцены

3 girls (10-12) and 1 boy (10) sunbathe naked together.