Bakvissen (2005)

Suedy Mauricio


Country: Netherlands
IMDb: 1400494

Starring: Rynske Keur
Rynske Keur  Herself 
Romy Keur  Herself 
Carmen Dompeling  Herself 
Mireille Teuben  Herself 
Megan Barteling  Herself 
Christina Maat  Herself 
Desiree van Santen  Herself 
Melania Ebrahimi  Herself 
Ilse Bosman  Herself 
Jettie Klein  Herself 

Languages: Dutch

Summary: Documentary about the life of an 11-year-old girl.
She spends a lot of time on her hobby, synchronised swimming.
The rest of her time she spends on school, shopping and playing with friends.