Другие названия:
Bastard - Willkommen im Paradies (Germany: DVD box title)
Режиссер: Maciej Dejczer
Год: 1997
Страна: Польша
Время: 102 минут
Жанр: Drama

Meciej Dejczer directed this German-French-Polish period drama
made with English dialogue. British prisoner Gerry, aka Brute
(Til Schweiger) is sent away to complete his sentence in a
rundown Romanian orphanage run by sinister Sincai (Pete Postlethwaite),
who profits by selling children and other evil activities.
Crude operations are executed on patients by alcoholic surgeon
Dr. Babits (John Hurt), who plays the violin. On the brighter side,
a nubile nurse Mara (Polly Walker) is on the staff of this insidious
institution, and she enters into an affair with Brute.
Shown at the 1998 Montreal World Film Festival.
Спорные сцены

Elena (Ida Jablonska, 12) kisses Brute (Til Schweiger) pretending
that they are married in a romantic love scene.
Elena's chest is open, when doctors reanimate her.
On the attic where Brute lived, three children, Elena and two boys,
was watching the tatoo on his beck. The girl requested the boys so
she could stay with him all alone. Brute didn't pay attention to her.
Suddenly he heard her voice, saying: "I would like to have the exact tatoo.
" Brute looked at her and then her full nudity in rear was shown.
The girl turned around, walked up to him holding a crayon in her hand.
She started to insist and finally Brute make a decision.
He walked up to her, took a crayon and the girl turn her back to him.
When he began to create a drawing, the girl suddenly turned around,
grappled his hand and pressed to her heart. The feeling of amusement
  appeared on Brute's face, the girl felt offened and run off...
Sincai attempts to drown Elena's brother (6).