At ziji duchove (1977)

Oldrich Lipsky
Family, Musical
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDb: 0075703
Starring: Dana Vavrova, Jiri Prochazka, Jiri Sovak, Vlastimil Brodsky, Lubomir Lipsky

Dana Vavrova  Leontynka
Jiri Prochazka  Janek Dlouhy
Jiri Sovak  Knight Brtnik from Brtnik
Vlastimil Brodsky  Teacher
Lubomir Lipsky  Vendor Jouza
Vera Tichankova  Pilatova alias Cerna kronika
Petr Stary  Bohacek
Igor Nachtigall  Zrzek
David Vlcek  Adamek
Tomas Holy  Vendelin
Jiri Broz  Malicky
Jiri Bruder  Chairman
Adolf Filip  Official
Ladislav Simek  Official
Pavlina Serbusova   

Summary: While cavorting around in the ruins of a castle in Prague, a trespassing gang of kids encounter a ghost from
the days of knighthood. Naturally enough, they are scared by him. However, when the ghost is caught in a trap set by
some other interlopers, they rescue him, and they become allies in a fight to prevent the glorious ruins from being
turned into a mushroom farm by the city authorities. Thanks to the involvement of the knight, forest elves are brought in to help their cause.