Aprimi il cuore


Giada Colagrande wrote, directed and stars in this atmospheric but baffling drama about a protective,
possessive prostitute. Maria (Natalie Cristani) lives with her 18-year-old sister, Caterina (Ms. Colagrande),
in a small apartment, tutors her at home, lets her out only for dance classes
(and delivers her to and picks her up from those, lest someone take advantage of her).
Yet Maria sees no reason to hide her work as a prostitute from her sister.
Men come in and out of the apartment constantly, and Caterina turns up the volume
on her music to drown out the sounds from the next room. The film soon reveals that the sisters
are in love with each other, a situation that cannot stand, but exactly what prompts the characters'
behavior is rarely clear. Soon after Caterina's belated discovery of her heterosexuality, she is invited
into the bedroom with Maria and a client. This quiet, murky variation on the 'Gigi' plot does achieve
a certain claustrophobic fascination, but Ms. Colagrande never gets around to making her point