Juego de amor prohibido (1975)


Другие названия:
Forbidden Love Game (English title)
Режиссер: Eloy de la Iglesia
Год: 1975
Страна: Испания
Время: 85 минут
Жанр: Comedy / Crime / Drama

The film begins with a school teacher played by Javier Escriva bidding farewell to his students, who are leaving for the summer.
As he is heading home he notices two of his students are hitch-hiking (a boy and a girl, played by John Moulder-Brown and Inma de Santis),
and picks them up. He invites them over for dinner and lodging, which they accept.. T
he majority of the film from this point on is set at the mansion, where the two students turn from guests to prisoners under the teacher's command.
The teacher has a thuggish (yet sensitive) henchman played by Simon Andreu, who enforces the teacher's wishes.
The teacher begins to sexually humiliate and torture the two students until he has mentally brainwashed them into his way of thinking.